Social Impact

Eat, Sleep ,Ride provides opportunities for people living with ill health (including mental health and physical disabilities), drug & alcohol issues, people who are isolated, vulnerable or those facing poverty and deprivation. The majority of our beneficiaries (over 70%) are children and young people who face multiple and complex barriers that prevent them from making positive progress in the lives and/or in education.

UK and International Equine Research recommends the use of horses to inspire young people to reconnect with society and with themselves. Confidence building and self-esteem are at the heart of our values as well as love, respect, the ability to listen and honesty. Though our programmes, also, aim to develop a variety of further key skills including: communication, team work, understanding, self-awareness, emotional resilience, taking personal responsibility, supporting others (team building), record keeping, health and safety, as well as skills around countryside care and understanding flora & fauna. 

All of our projects are centred around our rescued horses & ponies which we use for lessons within the riding school and for trekking around the local countryside & surrounding communities. These opportunities have, also, provided our participants with therapeutic activities which have proven to aid in their skills development, to increase their confidence, improve their wellbeing and, most importantly, develop new friendships. Creating a much needed social network, where the young people have continued to grow and support each other out with the project. It has given our young people a real sense of personal & professional responsibility. 

The emotional and psychological interaction with horses is a really positive connection for those who are most vulnerable. The relationships that evolve between some of our very fragile children & young people have helped them get back on a more stable and positive path in their lives.

We are increasingly seeing significant benefits to parents, they come to us reporting that they feel excluded from mainstream activities due to their children’s challenging behaviour. They often feel isolated and then anxious when they do go out, in case a situation

We will also run training programmes for direct employment and improve employability and target hard to reach young people. This offers them a sense of purpose and empowerment increasing their self-esteem. Through which participants can reduce anxiety and depression whilst developing important leadership and communication skills. All of our horses assist with therapy and work in the riding school.