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Horse riding lessons near eyemouth
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About Us

Eat, Sleep, Ride, CIC – registered community interest company, licensed riding school and trekking centre

Eat, Sleep, Ride is a social enterprise targeting people experiencing mental health problems, those that have suffered abuse, lived in areas of high deprivation and other challenges such as drug/alcohol addiction. But we are also a TRSS approved horse riding centre and give lessons and hacks to the public.

We are accessible from Edinburgh, The Lothians and Borders directly off the A1 with adequate spaces for car parking. Please find a link, just next to our address to get directions using Google Maps.

One in 4 people will experience mental health problems at some point in their lives. Nearly 1 in 10 16-18-year olds are not in education, employment or training.

We aim to improve the lives of all people. We use our beautiful animals as inspiration for change which in turn and can provide an alternative learning environment to mainstream education. The skills developed through the programme can meet the requirements of ongoing education and training for employers and participants.

The way that I deliver lessons and training will aid people experiencing the challenges outlined above. I can draw on personal experience to provide a teachable point of view on how to overcome personal circumstances and lead a happy and fulfilled life. The business has lots of room for expansion and more opportunities for social enterprises to join the community.

What we do

All services can be delivered on our horses or your own.

We give horse riding lessons, educational walks and groundwork training. We will also run training programmes for direct employment and improve employability and will target hard to reach young people. This offers them a sense of purpose and empowerment increasing their self-esteem. Through which participants can reduce anxiety and depression whilst developing important leadership and communication skills. All of our horses assist with therapy and work in the riding school.

Our main activities are:

  • Horse Riding Lessons
  • Educational Walks
  • Trekking
  • Hacking
  • Employability Programmes
  • BHS Exam Training up to Stage 4
  • Own a Pony Days

We give groundwork and ridden lessons for ages 3 upwards. The lessons can be private, restricted or in a group. All lessons can be delivered in one of our own horses or even your own. Children can experience the alphabet walk and make use of the fabulous games equipment. One of my favourites is the fish race game. Riders get to catch and hook their fish on horse back. No fishes were harmed when constructing this game. Flat work or jumping lessons are available with a fantastic selection of show jumps and fillers to try. Exam training is welcome or college students wishing to work within the industry. We're also a TRSS appproved trekking centre. Trekking and hacking is available for anyone wanting to experience the beautiful Scottish Borders. There are endless treks surrounded by stunning scenery for you to explore and coming soon, full day rides as well as treks to see the stunning views of The Firth of Forth. If you would like to book or get more information then contact us.

We have a large outdoor school and small indoor area that is being resurfaced. The outdoor school is an international size dressage area for people not familiar with this size, it measures 60m by 30m. The jumps are securely stored in the shed at the end of the school so this makes accessing them very convenient. The indoor area is perfect for ground work, lunging work and ridden work in walk and trot. We provide quality tuition at all levels with qualified staff to suit individual requirements on well schooled horses and ponies.

Due to the amount of horses we currently have, we cant take any more than 6 riders at any one time and there is a weight limit of 13 stone.

Please contact me if you have any queries. No question is too small. We all look forward to meeting you here at the farm.

We have a great selection of horses and ponies. We are a small setup, take pride in our animals and endure to give them the happiest life imaginable.

Please arrive 15 mins before lesson time to get hats fitted and pony/ horse out of stable ready to mount on time

Cancellation policy 24 hr notice Cancellation fee 50 % of cost owed.

Danielle is also available for hire for other freelance services, please get in touch to discuss your needs


All services can be delivered on our horses or your own.

Individual Lessons & Exam Training

½ Private
½ Private - Ages 5-12
¾ Private
¾ Private Ages 5-12
Lunge Lessons (30 minutes)

Group Lessons

Shared lesson for 2
1 hr novice group lesson’s (Maximum of 4) Ages 5-12
1 hr novice group lesson’s (Maximum of 4) Ages 13 and above

Hacking, Pony Trekking & Walks

1 hour
1.5 hours
2 hours
3 hours
4 hours
Educational Pony Walks (find the alphabet hidden around the farm)

Stable Management

Own a Pony Day’s (2 Lessons plus Stable Management)
Stable Management Lessons with Hands on Experience
Exam Training (up to stage 4)

Other services

Please get in touch for a quote on any of the below services

Backing, Retraining & Schooling

House & Pet Sitting


Pony Parties


Behavioural Problems


I have been involved with horses for over 20 years. The touch, smell or sound of a horse gives me a feeling like no other. These magnificent animals are breath-taking. Their beauty and strength never cease to amaze me. They are not a hobby they are my life.


I attended the local stables in Edinburgh when I was 15 in the year 1999 after various problems at school and home. The authorities didn’t know where to turn and we had to figure out a way to make me concentrate. I knew the only time I felt at peace was when I visited my grandparents in Sussex. I loved the local RDA stables and would spend all day helping lead children with disabilities. The yard was run completely by people with learning difficulties. The yard made me calm and I was a different person there. I was consequently excluded and began my first college apprenticeship through Oatridge Agricultural College at 16. I worked my way up to yard manager of Tower Farm Riding Stables within 5 years. This wasn’t at all bad considering I had only sat on a few donkeys and never had a lesson other than listening to instructors at the stables in Sussex. I established myself as a confident rider with a great passion and enthusiasm for teaching. I was involved with the Scottish Autism Society and taught many riders with a range of disabilities.

After this I moved on to work with more competitive riders throughout Fife resulting in a higher standard of education and sleeping in a lorry whilst travelling up and down the breadth of the country to high end shows. I enjoyed the learning but missed teaching and wanted to start my qualifications through The British Horse Society.

I moved on to work as a stable hand at a big riding school called Kingsbarn Equestrian Centre, it was also a facility and livery yard. I became team leader within the year. I gained my Stage 2 Horse Riding and Horse Management. I also gained my first teaching qualification. I was now 23 and was was responsible for the running of the yard, training the younger students, implementing all routines for the riding school horses, dealing with customers and teaching clients. I ran my own riding club and pony club and hosted charity shows and theme nights. The yard closed after 3 years and I left to go to Mongolia to raise money for the BHS and Breast Cancer. I lived with Nomads and travelled across Inner Mongolia by horse.

The touch, smell or sound of a horse gives me a feeling like no other. These magnificent animals are breath-taking. Their beauty and strength never ceases to amaze me. They are not just a hobby, they are my life.

After this I realised there were not many centres in Scotland who could further my career so I moved to Wiltshire at the age of 26.

I started my advanced apprenticeship in Horse Management and riding for a competition rider called Jill Holt in a large training, selling, competition and livery yard. I worked up to manager and gained my level 3 and 4 in management and riding and my next teaching exam, the “Assistant Instructors Test”. I managed staff, dealt with clients daily, helped and assessed students doing there NVQS. I set up outreach programmes for school students. I ran my own selling and retraining services for horses who had suffered in the hands of individuals and realised I was good at figuring out these horses. My ability to listen to them became my work and I set off home to Scotland to begin my own business.

I am now an accredited coach with the BHS and a registered Pony Club Instructor. I began my first Sole trader business in 2014 with the help of The Princes Trust. I teach, train, ride and provide holiday /sick cover across Central Scotland. I have a large varied client base and have developed and implanted training programmes for each individual horse and rider. I teach at 3 large riding schools as well as many different private clients. I provide a range of services aligned for the young horse. I am a mobile service and can cater to any need and be confident in any situation.

Over all this time I realise there are hundreds of horses, and people, that need a safe place with well trained horses and qualified instructors.

I have also had many years’ experience as a carer with the bank agencies for people with disabilities and the elderly. I have worked in units, wards and care at home.

Meet the Team

Eat. Sleep. Ride has an experienced team of young and vibrant characters

Get in touch for a chat and see how they can help

Danielle McKinnon

Many years of experience with youngsters and competition horses. Specialize in behavioral cases and youngsters.
Ridden for over 20 years on a range of different horses in a range of different disciplines. Full packages tailored to suit every person and horse

Stage 3 Coach in Complete Horsemanship | Stage 4 Rider | Accredited Coach and Pony Club Coach | Advanced Apprenticeship in Horse Management | Riding and Schooling Horses on the Flat and Over Fences | First Aid Certified


From Our Blog

Check out our blog for the latest stories and adventures we have been on

Eat, Sleep, Ride, CIC
Eat, Sleep, Ride, CICJanuary 26, 2020 9:30pm
Bally looking gorgeous today.

This 4yr mare is a real competition prospect. She is lovely to work with in every way and coming on leaps and bounds.
Eat, Sleep, Ride, CIC
Eat, Sleep, Ride, CICJanuary 24, 2020 12:34am
Another great achievement for ESR this month as we became approved by The Association of British Riding Schools. Our amazing pupils from Berwickshire High School stepped in for a spot of modelling to showcase our new plaque.

Lots more to offer including Rosette Awards for our younger riders. It's a great way to learn and have some fun whilst demonstrating knowledge around health and safety, poisonous plants, points of the pony and so much morem

Stable Management and Riders tests for those wishing to formalise their skills, sit a test and be assessed to receive accredited certification.
For anyone wishing to work in the industry or are already this is great opportunity and will really support your portfolio across a range of professions.

Both pathways help increase knowledge, build confidence and develop social skills with new people.

Get in touch to find out more
Eat, Sleep, Ride, CIC
Eat, Sleep, Ride, CICJanuary 23, 2020 9:36am
Eat Sleep Ride have been working closely with Youth Borders and have the opportunity to offer Child Protection Awareness Training. The course is being held at Reston Village Hall on 4th February, 10am until 1pm. We have some FREE places available for this event, if you are interested in attending, please send a PM to book your place.
Eat, Sleep, Ride, CIC
Eat, Sleep, Ride, CIC is at Rockrose Equestrian Sports Centre.January 20, 2020 12:02pm
Photos from Eat, Sleep, Ride, CIC's post
Rockrose Equestrian Sports Centre
Such a great very frosty morning having a training party with 2 of our very special horses and ponies

Despite a few mishaps along the way involving flooding, boots, passports, and trailers doors we made it by the skin of our hooves.

The whole experience was so enlightening and the judges comments where fair and highlighted our way of sympathetic training and the partnership we strive to achieve with our mounts.

Thankyou so much to our amazing team of volunteers, parents, owners and our young people without you this would never of happened.

Sisco has been with is for just over 6 months now after a difficult period and is looking for his new best friend. Despite tension he showed true potential and moments of true lightness,,. He was so impressive that the judge left the box in both tests to congratulate our talented young rider Fyona and to comment on our canter and connection in his 2nd test with Danielle.

Marco has so much potential and has really started to showcase his talent at various events and outings this year. He has such a great attitude and makes an ideal horse for any member of the family to enjoy.

Well done
Eat, Sleep, Ride, CIC
Eat, Sleep, Ride, CICJanuary 18, 2020 9:40pm
Update to follow such a busy weekend but couldn't resist posting these amazing photos

Thankyou team what a great bunch of human beings in our lives

Eat, Sleep, Ride, CIC
Eat, Sleep, Ride, CIC shared a Page.January 15, 2020 11:10pm
We have this amazing service coming to visit ESR this Saturday please share and get in touch directly with Stacey if your gelding needs some extra attention this weekend.

We are situated on the East Coast so if you are based in East Lothian or Berwickshire make an appointment or you can always bring your horse/pony to us and make use of our great facilities and equipment on offer whilst you wait.

Tea and Coffee provided

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Heugh Head Farm, Heughhead, Eyemouth, TD14 5TN


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