Volunteering-Rein and Shine-Saltire

A sense of achievement is evident in our customers and volunteers . Some of our staff have earned their roles at Eat Sleep Ride CIC through our volunteering programme Rein and shine and receiving the same person-centered approach we use in our horse therapy with clients. We have successfully supported several of our volunteers into jobs or college, the social inclusion and feel of the yard helps people with transferable life skills, team work giving a sense of pride and personal ownership. We have worked with several adults that have been in need of specialist support yet disconnected from services, in these instances we have worked with them and supported their engagement with other services more suited to their needs, for example housing & benefits, a holistic approach is needed for all clients are basic needs are interdependent.

We work mostly with children and young people most of whom are outwardly displaying signs of poor mental health, be that in the way they communicate, or as is sometimes the case, don’t communicate, or parents/professionals reporting eating disorders, self-harming or withdrawal from friends/school. 

Saltire Awards-volunteers aged 12-25

The Saltire Awards are the Scottish Government’s way of celebrating, recognising and rewarding the commitment, contribution and achievements of young volunteers in Scotland. Contact stephgilmartin@yahoo.com to find out more.

We are always on the look out out for willing volunteers to help out around the yard. As a social enterprise, we also love hearing from like-minded individuals and businesses that we can partner with. 

We provide a safe space where everyone can be themselves and are accepted as such, this can offer respite to those with demanding caring responsibilities, the new social connections made at the yard transfer into other areas of their lives offering support and friendship.

If you’d like to get involved or think you may be able to help us out just send us an email admin@eatsleeprides.org.