Employability Programmes

We support people into employment or self employment through the no-one left behind scheme, work experience and Employability Fund Stage 2 which is organised by your local authority.

Lauren and Baby Bally both in training

No one left Behind

Develop your skills and experience with ESR

We’ll recognise the skills and experience you already have and work with you to develop these further. We will also help you to improve your confidence and self esteem

Designed to be flexible and based on your needs, it aims to help you access the most relevant support on your journey towards work.

Once you make contact, we will work with you to:

  • Develop a programme of support which recognises your skills, attributes and assets which will help you progress towards employment
  • Help to break down the barriers that might be stopping you from working

We offer work placements and volunteering opportunities

Employability Fund

Funded by Skills Development Scotland the Stage 2 programme provides individuals with employability training throughout the Scottish Borders. We can provide a short work experience/placement as part of the programme

Work Experience

We offer a range of work experience placements to help you decide what career you want to have, or not want to have! It will involve you coming to ESR for a few weeks to a few months and really get to learn the ropes of the job that you might want to have.