Horse Services

We are well known for training horses and ponies. We’ve dealt with “unrideable” horses, horses that won’t jump, out of issues they may have, horses with vices under saddle that they’ve had all their lives and also just horses that haven’t been ridden yet.

The reason we have had so much success with problem horses is because we don’t try to “break” horses or “show them who’s boss”. Rather, we show them that they have nothing to fear from us and find the solution.

Before sending your horse away for any of our ridden horse services, we ask any owners that the horse has it’s teeth, back and saddle checked. Most horses need their teeth done by a vet or dentist once a year but some may need them doing every six months. Most horses in work should have their back looked at by a physiotherapist, a chiropractor, a muscle release therapist or an osteopath every 3 months. If this is not possible we can arrange this at our yard.

We offer a classical training method based on understanding, competence and respect for the horse rather than coercive training methods


We specialise in caring, kind and compassionate training of all horses and ponies from 10hh+ The team at Eat, Sleep, Ride have many years of experience in breaking young horses and references are available upon request.

4 year old Bally working on balance in the trot after being backed at the yard

Education is just as valuable to horses as it is to humans and we provide it in a calm manner allowing the horse to familiarise itself with the working world. We know that each horse is an individual who will respond differently to their education, with this in mind all of our breaking plans are adaptable. Further training can be provided to take the horse to the owners desired level of education.
We will help you get your horses’s first saddle and bridle if this is not done already at an extra cost.

At the appropriate stage and where possible owners are encouraged to come and interact / ride their horse to enable them to understand their horse’s routine and follow up visits at home to continue your training are offered.

Each horse’s progression is closely monitored and all horses are treated as individuals to ensure as little stress as possible.

All clients are provided with regular video/picture updates so you can see the progression of your horse.

Horses can be socialised within our lessons, have opportunities  to get out and about and become well rounded. 

£125 pw including full grass livery and worked 6 times a week or £30 a session at home within 10 miles of TD14 5TN


If you want to enhance your horses technique, ability or knowledge, tuition and training is offered to your to assist with the development of the horse . We work within your horses biomechanics they all have different conformation, athletic potential, temperaments and personalities, all of which may influence what techniques are used.

Sisco out doing dressage with us while here on rehab, schooling and sales livery

We can bring on horses in jumping, hacking, schooling or in competition.

We offer a first class service for schooling and training, All services are offered by an experienced, knowledgeable, rider and trainer.

£110 a week including full grass livery and worked 6 times a week
or £30 a session at home within 10 miles of TD14 5TN

Sales livery

Take the stress away from selling and let us make sure your friend finds its new family.

Every horse that comes to us is assessed before we advertise it. We will only advertise the positive things we have seen for ourselves and any known previous problems will always be disclosed to potential buyers. . Every horse who arrives at Eat, Sleep, Ride  is immediately loved as one of our own so we strive to find the best possible home. We match horse to rider and ensure that there is a good fit before allowing the horse to be sold which often involves delivering the horse to ensure that the new owner is everything they claim to be and their horse is suitable.

We have sold horses within a week of arriving with us before and some have taken several months. This depends on how saleable the horse is at the point of arrival, how much training we have to do and how reasonable the price is.

We pride ourselves on being flexible so will try hard to accommodate you and your horses needs.

Price £120 a week or by commission

Part Livery – from £65-100 pw
7 days a week, 365 days per year.

  • Stable of an appropriate size for your horse
  • Grazing all year round (except really bad weather )with poo picking, small groups and mares and geldings separate.
  • Rugs, fly spray/masks, turn out/in, muck out, feet picked out,
  • Hay/haylage, bedding, basic feeds
  • General health care, shoeing rota and attendance.
  • Use of all facilities
  • Option to add on riding, lunging, tack cleaning, clipping

 Full livery – from £95-130pw

  • All of the above and including exercise 3 times per week – Mon to Fri or by arrangement.
  • Tack cleaning
  • Mane/tail pulling/washing.

Assisted DIY livery – from £50pw
By arrangement when available

Grass Livery – from £30pw

  • Good all year grazing with natural shelter
  • Daily checks 
  • Tack room, feed storage ect
  • Winter forage supplied at farm prices and put out
  • Emergency stabling available.
  • Fabulous hacking and riding area.
  • Use of facilities

Behavioural Training

This service is open to all horses that need rehabilitation ,bringing horses back into fitness, desensitisation work and all types of problematic horses. From rearing to bucking and napping we will try to understand why the horse is doing these behaviours and seek to resolve issues and retrain them to feel safe in work.

We can also do groundwork training:

  • clipping training
  • loading training
  • safe leading 

We have access to a range of professional to help ensure your horse is not in discomfort

  • Equine body worker
  • Equine dentist
  • Farrier
  • Vet
  • Saddle fitter

£130 a week or £35 a session within 10 miles of TD14 5TN

Clipping/ Trimming/Plaiting/ Show Prep

Does your horse need a body clip, show clip or general maintenance clip? A professional groom for more than 20 years, Danielle Mckinnon is available for on-site equine clipping in the Scottish Borders and Lothians Area and beyond.

Is your handsome horse looking a little, well, hairy? Do you want to help him look sleek and shiny for show season? Or maybe you’re having to spend more and more time drying off your horse after she’s been exercised, and you’re tired of soaking up gallons of sweat. Are you concerned that your horse is having a hard time cooling down?

All of these are excellent reasons to consider clipping. Clipping involves trimming large sections of your horse’s coat; clipping offers not only aesthetic benefits, but health advantages as well.

Why Is clipping Important?
Horses in the wild grow long, thick protective coats during the winter to help them stay warm. Naturally, horses are better at warming up than cooling off. Their bodies are designed to generate and store heat, versus the human body which easily regulates body temperature. Clipping in the winter allows a horse to work in comfort.

In spring and summer, horses no longer need the extra protection of excess hair. In the warmer months, that extra hair can sometimes do more harm than good, especially if your horse is being asked to work regularly. Being too hot can actually cause a horse to lose condition, and can make keeping a horse in good condition almost impossible.

Determining the right Clip
Just as there are many types of horses doing all sorts of activities, there are many types of clips available. Dani will work with you to customize the right clip for your horse, taking into account the time of year, how much work your horse will be doing, where/how much the horse sweats, event participation, where your horse spends most of her time, etc.

Some clips take off a little … and some take off the whole lot! For example, a bib clip removes the coat from the underside of the neck down in front of the chest. A hunter clip takes it all off, except a small area of mane, the saddle area and all four legs. A small V shape is often left above the tail. Note that the hunter type of clip is only for the horse that is really working hard, competing and hunting regularly.

We can clip here at ESR, why not take the chance to use our facilities and equipment. Alternatively we can travel to you, travel costs will be extra

Children’s ponies

As we are a riding school, we can also offer specialised training for the young horse to be suitable for a child.

All horses and ponies are started with groundwork with our instructors and staff. They are handled when safe by our volunteers and become well socialised with both other horses and children.

We have lightweight adult riders (8st) to start the ponies off and once happy may be used with some of our more advanced riders with instructor supervision.

Ponies will have lots of fun with us as we do lots of spook-busting games, hacking, jumping to ensure that they have a broad experience of life. 

Buying a horse?

Are you looking for a new friend to join you family for you or for your children. We can help you to find that perfect horse and navigate you through the horse buying process.

We can look at ads, look for your horse, go to potential viewings with you and be your second opinion.

By arrangement